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Sharon Duncan is the best selling author of the Friday Harbor-based Scotia MacKinnon mystery series,
and the London-based Kate St. Claire espionage novels.


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An alleged stalker.
A six-character alphanumeric on a scrap of yellow paper.
A murdered civil rights attorney.
A disappearing client.
And then that destiny thing.

For Friday Harbor P. I. Scotia MacKinnon life is as good as it gets until she takes on a new client. Elyse Montenegro has lost a husband, a Berkeley civil rights attorney. The police are clueless. Elyse claims she’s being stalked and now there is the unexplained island death of Elyse’s best friend. Scotia’s search into the past –aided by IT guru Zelda Jones and Friday Gazette publisher Jared Saperstein – will uncover a tangled thread of dark family secrets stretching from San Francisco Bay to a remote cabin in the mountains of Idaho. When the killer surfaces on the rocky island in a gathering winter storm, it might not be Scotia’s destiny to make it out alive.






San Juan County Sheriff Nigel Bishop announced today he is abandoning the search for Tina Breckenridge of Friday Harbor, whose 38-ft. sailboat was found abandoned near Sucia Island . . .Tina is survived by her husband Paul Breckenridge and her son Stephan.

Scotia Mackinnon’s client, photographer M. J. Carlye, doesn’t believe his sister’s drowning was a freak accident. Tina grew up on a boat. She built boats, she raced boats. She crewed on a crab fishing boat out of Dutch Harbor in the Aleutians. For the Friday Harbor P.I. and long-time sailor, something doesn’t compute. Juggling her romance with a Seattle maritime attorney, Scotia takes the case. Whereupon the cyberthreats begin, the island septuagenian lands in the jail, and a body turns up at Brown Sugar Beach. When Zelda’s friend Rafie finds the courage to ignore a death threat, it appears the answers to Tina’s drowning can only be found in one place: the dark waters of Desolation Sound.


Dead Wives Society

“...there is possibly no act of deception as devastating to the psyche as becoming the victim of a sweetheart swindler.”

A feral, green-eyed internist whose mother is a Berber tribeswoman. A missing college fund and a stolen Berber wedding dowry. An MI5 marksman on a search for a British agent who disappeared in Istanbul. A high profile celebrity island wedding. Add Friday Harbor’s primo P.I. Scotia MacKinnon and IT nerd/ events arranger Zelda Zones. Shake well, pour over San Juan Island.











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When Friday Harbor gumshoe Scotia MacKinnon opts for seven days in May at the Hotel dei Fiori on neighboring Santa Maria Island, it’s for the promise of Italian cuisine, therapeutic massage, pranayama, tranquility and wildflowers. The reality at the old Franciscan convent is far different.

As accidents pile up and relationships unravel, Scotia uncovers the true agenda of the Santa Maria Time Share Safaris. Trapped on the island with the other spa participants, Scotia is pulled into a life and death struggle between the hotel owners, their poker-playing neighbor LeRoy Housman and a South American assassin named Serafina .
















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Returning from a sojourn in the Mediterranean, Friday Harbor P.I. Scotia MacKinnon takes on a notorious cold-case murder file: The State of Washington v. Hazel Gundersen.

The Orcas Island horsewoman was accused, convicted, and sentenced to life imprisonment for the alleged murder of her husband, the philandering Norwegian boat pilot, Capt. Peder Gundersen. All despite the fact that the prosecution was never able to establish that a murder had actually occurred. No body, no eyewitnesses.

Scotia client is a candidate for County Council against newcomer Lochlan McCready, a former CIA operative who is dredging up the 30-year old murder conviction and leaving no skeleton unturned to win the election.

Multitasking between surviving jurors, old court records, elusive Gundersen DNA , and her own family crisis, Scotia must also contend with the disappearance in the Indian Ocean of the peripatetic Capt. Harrison Petrovsky and his first mate, a Shanghai stock trader.








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Kate St. Claire books:
Book 1

A male escort known as Black Irish is blackmailing the Director of the Security Service.

An MI5 informant turns up dead in Tavistock Square.

On a cobblestone street in Mayfair a little green Alfa Romeo is incinerated.

A mujaidaat is stalking the woman who stole her husband and the Friends of the Prince are planning an intervention in Kurdistan.

And that’s just on Friday .

Kate St. Claire is the MI5 Officer who will unravel the dark and tangled threads of politics and revenge. From the burned out mews house in Mayfair to the corridors of Interpol and the labyrinth of a Moroccan souk . . . to a Romeo solution the Bard could never have imagined.












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