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The Spring Street Irregulars

Scotia Mackinnon - Friday Harbor Private Investigator, former police detective
Zelda Jones - Graphic Artist/Events Arranger at New Millenium Graphics
Angela Petersen - San Juan County Sheriff’s Dispatcher; former medical examiner
Matt Petersen - Angela’s husband; Alaska fisherman
Jared Saperstein - Editor/Publisher of the Friday Gazette; former freelance journalist
Abigail Leedle - Octogenarian wildlife photographer; Old Island Family (OIF)
The Coronas - Activist group of uppity island women
Melissa MacKinnon - Scotia’s daughter at St. Mary’s College
Jewel Moon MacKinnon - Scotia’s bohemian mother in Mendocino
Nicholas Anastazi (Nick) - Seattle maritime attorney
Nigel Bishop - San Juan County Sheriff
Jeff Fountain - San Juan County Deputy Sheriff
Henry - Scotia’s dockside neighbor on Pumpkin Seed; mortgage broker
Harrison Petrovsky - Itinerant ocean sailor
Sheldon Wainwright - Zelda’s swain; ship’s pilot
Peg Reilly - Owner of the Netshed restaurant on San Juan island
Dakota - Zelda’s canine consort; black Labrador
Calico - G-dock feline shared by Scotia & Henry
DragonSpray - Scotia’s 38-foot sloop rigged sailboat on Slip G-73

Death on a Casual Friday

Scotia MacKinnon mystery #1

Elyse Montenegro - Scotia’s client; equestrian

Attorneys at Latin American Union for Defense (LAUD) Berkeley, Ca.

Julio Montenegro - Attorney
Peter Aaron - Attorney
Judith Karamazov - Attorney
Felipe de los Santos - Attorney

Campbell Sawyer - Elyse’s island friend
Rebecca Underwood - Owner of the Percheron Ranch, San Juan Island
Jamie Sykes - Coeur d’Alene, Idaho mechanic
George DeSoto - Berkeley psychologist
Ben Carey - Berkeley P.D. Detective
Sandy Silver - Berkeley P.D. Public Information Officer
Carmela Aaron - Peter’s wife
Wilhelm Muehler - San Francisco investment consultant
Alice Muehler - Wilhelm’s wife
Big Boy - Rebecca’s Bernese mountain dog

A Deep Blue Farewell
Scotia MacKinnon mystery #2

Michael James Carlyle (M.J.) - Creative director with On The Edge magazine photo shoot
Olivia Camille - M.J.’s financée
Tina Breckenridge - M.J.’s sister; deceased owner of Pleides Sailing School, Roche Harbor
Paul Breckenridge - Tina’s husband; Alaska fisherman
Stephan Breckenridge - Tina & Paul’s teenage son
David Keen - Owner of Northwest Wildlife Gallery, Friday Harbor
Rafael Dominguez (Rafie) - David Keen’s partner and man Friday
Jonathan Tyrell - Former Alaska crab fisherman; owner of yacht Maia
Helen Tyrell - Jonathan’s wife; Seattle socialite
Lily MacGregor - Owner of the Secret Garden; San Juan Island psychic
Mac MacGregor - Lily’s husband; San Juan Island contractor
Jean Pierre Zola - Hired captain on Maia
Allison Fisher - Suntanned floozie real estate agent
Joy Johnson - Tina’s best friend
Katy Quince - Sailmaker, sailing instructor
Danny Quince, aka Danny Devine - Katy’s husband; San Juan Island yacht broker
Cassandra - Danny’s Seattle squeeze
Meredith Martin - U.S. Customs officer, Friday Harbor
Parker Benjamin - Friday Harbor drug dealer
Ian Taylor - Canadian journalist living in Desolation Sound, B.C.
Morris Santiago - Bay oysterman

The Dead Wives Society
Scotia Mackinnon mystery #3

Chantal Rousseau - Scotia’s French Moroccan client; Friday Harbor internist
Raheela Tabbal - Chantal’s mother; Berber tribeswoman
Forbes Cameron - aka Frederick Campbell Scottish-born Seattle investment advisor
Michael Farraday - MI-6 officer, code name Falcon
John Baxter - F.B.I. agent (retired)
Sanford Whitely - Seattle private investigator
Gwendolyn Godfrey - Forbes 1st wife; daughter of a British diplomat
Blanca Isabel Castellon - Palm Beach socialite
Hannah von Suder - Napa alley heiress
Bronwyn O’Banion - Lopez Island writer
Diane Duvall - Special assistant to the Governor of California
Kimberley Korda - Orcas Island realtor
Christopher Goodfellow - Forbes Cameron’s Cambridge mate; London barrister
Segei Feodorovich - Chum of Cameron & Goodfellow
Andy Cooper - Seattle attorney; Nick Anastazi’s law partner
Crytal Cooper - Andy’s wife, Seattle philanthropist
Millie Thatcher - Forbes Cameron’s sister; London dog groomer
Mariane Ashburn - Forbes Cameron’s sister; Australian sheep rancher

The Lavender Butterfly Murders
Scotia MacKinnon mystery #4

Hotel Dei Fiori Staff
Mimi St. Clair Rosselini - New innkeeper of Hotel Dei Fiori on Santa Maria Island
Piero Rossellini - Mimi’s husband; chef at the Dei Fiori
Serafina - Piero’s aunt
Rita - Maid
Antonio - Driver and handyman
Gus - Gardener & bee keeper
Mao - Bossy Coon Cat

Serenity & Light Participants
Joseph - Yoga instructor; Sanskrit scholar; Mimi’s brother
Natasha - Russian translator
Danielle - President, Santa Barbara Historical Society
Zoe - Santa Barbara talk show host
Andrea - San Diego social worker
Tiffany - Professional model
Eric - San Francisco photographer
Graham - U.B.C. professor from Vancouver

Santa Maria Islanders
John Jordan - Goat breeder
Eloise Hausmann - Postmistress
Leroy Hausmann - Owner Santa Maria General Store
Donna & Stuart Mulvaney - Farmers

Quantum of Evidence
Scotia Mackinnon mystery #5

The Breckenridge Case
Tina Breckenridge - Scotia’s client; candidate for County Commissioner.
Lachlan McCready - Candidate for Cnty Commissioner.
Peder Gundersen - Puget Sound pilot who disappeared
Hazel Gundersen - Peder’s wife who was convicted of his murder.
Aaron Stout - Prosecuting atty in State of Washington v. Hazel Gundersen
Joseph (Joe) Winsor - Hazel’s defense attorney
Melva Reeves - Wheeler Juror
Helen Bertrande - Juror
Brenda Sue Benton - Hazel’s best friend & neighbor
Willie Benton - Brenda Sue’s son
Rudolph (Rudy) Russell - Hazel’s nephew
Erika Frederiksen - Peder’s girlfriend
Gretchen Storvik - Ericka’s caretaker
Elyse Montenegro - San Juan Island equestrian; former client of Scotia
Sage McGregor - Lily MacGregor’s daughter
Stephan Breckenridge - Tina’s son
Dragomir Zorco - Croatian National; ship captain
Igor Zorco - Dragomir’s son; fisherman
Arne Ormdahl - Peder’s ship pilot friend
Bernie Ormdahl - Arne’s son
Stella & Max - Alleged sanguisuges from Orcas Island

The Petrovsky Case
Harrison Petrovsky - Missing seafaring heir on the S/V Ocean Dancer
Louisa & Petra Petrovsky - Harrison’s sisters
Carolyn Smith -Friday Harbor attorney for the Petrovsky estate
Michelle Yee - Shaghai stock trader; Harrison’s First Mate
Yee Bao - Shanghai banker
Reginald Archer - Instructor, She Shan Flying Tigers
Jules duPont - Hostage negotiator at H & W Security

Officer St. Claire Book #1

The Brits
Lady Katherine (Kate) St. Claire - MI5 officer, code name Leopard
Emerson & Lorna James -Scottish caretakers at St. Claire family farm in Dartmouth
Gwendolyn DeLuca - Kate’s 1st cousin, London barrister, a SILK
Peter Szabo - Gwen’s significant other; CEO of Juno Capital Mgmt
Domingo Koslov (Dom) - Detective Inspector, Metropolitan Police
Conner O’Conner - IT geek, male escort aka Black Irish
Zulema Umarova - Conner’s housemate
Gianni Taramelli - IT geek in E-13

The Middle East contingent
Tariq Kassar - Lebanese banker
Nadia Sultan - Tariq’s estanged wife, teacher at London madrassa

The French
Jean Pierre Rousseau - Interpol section director
Maurice - Interpol asset in Marrakesh; innkeeper at Riad du Maroc (wife Collette)
Maggie & Jacques Delacroix - adoptive parents of Angelique and Antoine

Minor Characters
Madison DeLuca - Gwen’s daughter, student at St. Andrews University
David Chaucer - OBE, head of MI6.
Hamish McTeague - Director of MI5
Ian MacKenzie - Deborah’s husband, microbiologist
Salima Mansur - Nadia's flatmate; translator in MI5 Arab section
Jamila Fakhoury - Kate’s Syrian asset aka Sherazade
Raja’a Sultan - Nadia Sultan’s sister, married to Belgium attorney
Sara Johar - MI5 surveillance afficer
Michael Farraday - MI6 operative code name Falcon
Andy Cameron - St. Claire family solicitor in Dartmouth
Cao Luhan - Conner’s girl friend, aka Jenny Cao, niece of Chinese diplomat
Cao Yutan - Chinese commercial attache to the U.K., Jenny’s uncle.
Gorby - Gwen’s Borzoi



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