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Suggested questions to ask about a book you’ve read


1. Which character did you like best?
2. Which character did you like least?
3. Does the main character go through any changes?
4. What do you think was the most significant episode or key scene in the book?
5. What did you think of the ending? Were you satisfied or disappointed?
6. Was this book a page-turner for you or did you have to force yourself to get through it?
7. Is there a favorite quote or line from the book you would like to share?
8. Did you recognize any specific theme(s) or symbolism in the book?
9. What was the darkest moment in the book?
10. Would you be interested in reading a prequel or a sequel to the book?
11. How does the book compare to others in the same genre or category?
12. What did you think of the pacing in the book? Too slow? Too fast? Just right?
13. Which places in the book have you visited or would like to visit?
14. How did the book make you feel? Amused? Upset? Bored? Angry? Intrigued?
15. If this book were made into a movie or TV series, who would you cast as the main character(s)?



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